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Celebrating authentic Portuguese traditions at our historic offices in São Martinho do Porto

Last week, our headquarters in Portugal buzzed with energy as we hosted a delightful lunch for Leisure Launch Group's global teams.

traditional Portuguese Santos Populares lunch with grilled sardines

In June, as Portugal’s streets come alive with the Santos Populares celebrations, our lunch mirrored this festive spirit and Portuguese camaraderie.

Colleagues from around the world gathered at our Silver Coast offices, near the charming São Martinho do Porto train station, to enjoy traditional Portuguese dishes like grilled sardines, succulent pork sandwiches (“bifanas”), cornbread (“broa”), and our beloved “pasteís de nata”!

Pasteis de Nata - traditional Portuguese pastry

Amidst laughter and storytelling, we relished these Portuguese delicacies, creating a warm, family-like atmosphere.

The decor included “manjericos” (potted basil plants) adorned with popular sayings, a hallmark of the Santos Populares festivities, adding a beloved Portuguese tradition to our tables.

manjerico plant with traditional Portuguese sayings

As we gathered around these symbols of festivity and friendship, the phrase "matar as saudades" resonated deeply, especially for those who had travelled from afar. This beautiful Portuguese expression about reliving fond memories perfectly captured the essence of our gathering.

This memorable event allowed us to indulge in the tastes of Portugal while strengthening the bonds between colleagues from diverse backgrounds. At Leisure Launch Group, we celebrate our team’s cultures and histories while honoring the rich traditions of Portugal.

A nod to history and heritage

Our get-together took place in a place full of historical significance — the old office building next to the São Martinho do Porto train station. Built in 1935, this building originally served the 'Oeste' railroad line and was crucial in supporting the regional transportation needs.

Portugal Realty offices in Sao Martinho do Porto Portugal

Today, as the proud offices for Portugal Realty and Portugal Interiors, we are honoured to maintain the building’s legacy, through the carefully preserved stone flooring of the main entrance, the original wooden slats, the craftsmanship of the doors and windows, and the exquisite blue and white hand-painted ceramic tiles that showcase Portugal’s artistic heritage.

At Leisure Launch Group, we are committed to maintaining a workplace that fosters professional growth while respecting and celebrating Portugal’s rich heritage. This event was a reflection of our values: a mix of joy, tradition, and a collective spirit of togetherness that transcends borders.

Traditional mangerico plant at Portugal Realty's office in Portugal


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