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PRESPROP among the TOP 10 SME in Leiria - 2023

Atualizado: 9 de abr.

In a notable achievement for 2023, PRESPROP - Portugal Construction, a leading construction company on Portugal's Silver Coast, was honoured by Scoring as one of the top 10 SMEs in the Leiria region for the year 2023.

This prestigious Scoring ranking places the company in the elite TOP 10 Best SME in the Region – LEIRIA ("TOP 10 Melhores PME da Região - Leiria") category, highlighting its commitment to excellence and superior performance in economic and financial metrics.

PRESPROP - Scoring - Top 10 Best SMEs in the Region Leiria Portugal

Recognising financial excellence: TOP SME in Portugal


Scoring certifications are meticulously evaluated and conferred by BUREAU VERITAS and ASSOFT (Portuguese software association), based on official data submitted to the Portuguese Tax Authority.


This accolade reflects not just PRESPROP’s financial robustness but also the team’s unwavering commitment to providing top-quality service.

Top 10 Melhores PME da região de Leiria - Presprop - Scoring 2023
Among the finalists, only the companies with the 10 highest economic quality of sales values were distinguished.



About PRESPROP - Portugal Construction

Founded in 2001, PRESPROP is a highly experienced construction company specialising in new-build homes on the Silver Coast.


Over the last two decades, this Leisure Launch Group company has assisted thousands of families and real estate investors, from all around the world, in building new-build properties in Portugal.

Modern homes by PRESPROP are built in prime locations on Portugal's Silver Coast
Modern homes by PRESPROP are built in prime locations on Portugal's Silver Coast

Renowned for its beautifully designed modern homes and high standards of construction, PRESPROP has earned a reputation as one of the most respected builders in the Silver Coast area of Portugal.


International clients have the peace of mind of knowing that PRESPROP is committed to accompanying each new build project from the initial concept to licensing, delivering professional service on time and on budget! 

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