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PRESPROP presents São Gabriel Beach Apartments

PRESPROP - Portugal Construction has recently launched São Gabriel Beach Apartments, a new residential development exquisitely designed to enhance the enchanting allure of the historic seaside village of São Martinho do Porto, in Silver Coast Portugal.

São Gabriel Beach Apartments in Portugal

Embodying a remarkable architectural concept, this modern building is meticulously crafted to create the illusion of floating atop the serene waters.

The architects have honoured the past by including in the design the illusion of a majestic vessel floating on the water with its bow pointed to the sea.

Spacious balconies elegantly depict wave patterns, emulating the sea's rhythmic motion. Geometric and wooden elements are a reference to the ancient Portuguese caravels, while the ground floor is adorned with a mosaic of gorgeous blue tiles, mirroring the tranquil hues of the Atlantic Ocean.

SÃO GABRIEL BEACH APARTMENTS offer stunning panoramic views of the sea and countryside from the comfort of a roof-top pool and sundeck, with direct access by lift. An idyllic haven of unspoiled natural beauty and coastal living!

São Gabriel Beach Apartments in Portugal

São Gabriel Beach Apartments - The quintessential beach home experience . . .

This project will be sold exclusively by IMMO PORTUGAL and PORTUGAL REALTY. Click below for more information:


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