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Leisure Launch Group Chairperson and managing directors at a meeting in the headquarters in Portugal

About Us

Investment in Portugal made safe and secure

Leisure Launch Property Group delivers value to clients by providing a safe and secure full-service platform for investment in Portugal.

By strategically identifying key locations and investment hotspots, for over three decades we have placed our experience where it matters... at the service of our clients!

Davide Patricio Chairperson of Leisure Launcg Group in Portugal

Proudly Portugal

When I first arrived with my family in Portugal, having moved from South Africa, several opportunities were available for investors with a natural business instinct. However, there was also a gap between what overseas clients required to invest securely and what Portugal offered at that time.

The natural step was to build on this opportunity, creating companies based on a business model that understood the challenges of relocating or investing abroad.

Over the years, our Group has continued to grow, offering a diverse range of specialised companies that complement each other, while simultaneously providing highly professional services to foreign clients.

The winning formula of our Group is to focus on sustainable solutions, pinpointing key areas and producing high-quality investments at attractive market prices. All while connecting the dots between the wonderful things Portugal has to offer and our client's expectations!

Davide Patricio

Chairperson Leisure Launch Group

From a business with origins in South Africa...
... to the Silver Coast’s most successful real estate group

Our Culture & Values

Leisure Launch Group started as a family-owned company. Although we have evolved from a small brand to a leading real estate group in Portugal, we still hold true to the values that have guided us since the beginning.


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Our teams are international, but whenever possible we employ locally and privilege products made in Portugal. More than paying it forward, it’s our way of keeping real estate “real”!

In today’s highly competitive market, our focus continues to be on new technology, developing innovative  business strategies and more efficient solutions to deliver the best client experience possible.

More than maintaining an open and honest relationship with each client, our companies are stronger when they commit to building a lasting connection with staff, suppliers and our communities.

Let’s face it, in Portugal anytime is a good time for a café and a “pastel de nata”. We believe leaving room for the fun stuff is key to creating a happier environment where creativity has room to thrive.

PORTUGAL - Welcome to the Simple Life!

Portugal The Simple Life is a platform that provides foreigners with an insider’s perspective on Portugal.
Including weekly Podcasts, a YouTube channel, several social media pages and an online portal with loads of valuable information for anyone wanting to invest, visit or move to Portugal! 

Click on the link below to keep up to date with all the interesting information available to you for FREE:

Portugal The Simple Life
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