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Proudly Portugal, the Leisure Launch Investment Group delivers value to clients by providing a safe and secure full-service platform for investment in Portugal. The group has strategically identified key locations referred to by successful investors as ‘The Real Portugal’, which include investment hotspots on the Algarve, Lisbon and Silver Coast of Portugal.

Davide Patricio
Group CEO

"The winning formula of the group has been to focus on these sustainable locations by producing and marketing high quality investments at attractive market prices.DAVIDE PATRICIO 

About Davide Patricio

With several associate  partnerships spanning over 25 years.   Davide is a passionate supporter of the brand ‘Portugal’, he has used his expertise and natural business instinct to pin point key areas in which to invest, resulting in successful, quality developments and offering sustainable investments to overseas investors.
Davide and his family moved to Portugal 14 years ago from South Africa. He understands first hand the challenges involved when re-locating or investing abroad. Davide is always happy to share his business experience and enthusiasm for his adopted country, Portugal.  


Luis Cardoso
Operations Director​

"Surpassing client expectation with professional delivery, on time, every time and within budget.​"

Allenah Herholdt
SCH Solutions - Managing Director

"Delivering a unique luxury experience for our guests while at the same time securing a good yield for our investors."

Dylan Herholdt
Portugal Realty  - Sales Director

"Introducing investors to properties that are sustainable and well priced."