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Portugal The Simple Life Podcast Hits 200 Episodes

Atualizado: 27 de mar.

As Portugal’s most popular English-speaking podcast reaches its 200th episode and enters into its third season, Portugal The Simple Life Podcast not only marks a significant achievement but also celebrates the joy of a diverse community bound by a shared love for Portugal's simple life.

To celebrate this milestone, a special Bonus Episode was launched yesterday with highlights of some of this season's amazing guests, including bits from episodes of the 'My Home in Portugal' and 'Portugal Property Talks' series.

Watch the Season 2 special bonus episode:


About Portugal The Simple Life Podcast

This podcast about living and investing in Portugal is hosted by Dylan Herholdt, a Certified Realtor with over a decade of experience and Sales Director at PORTUGAL REALTY.

Launched in March 2020 during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the podcast began as a way to connect people interested in Portugal who couldn’t physically meet. It quickly evolved into a thriving global community, proudly sponsored by Leisure Launch Group.

Since its launch, the podcast has experienced continuous growth, joining a record-breaking audience from 65 countries and hundreds of thousands of audio downloads on all major podcast platforms and views on Portugal The Simple Life's YouTube channel.


According to Dylan, "the only common thread among guests is their connection to Portugal. It’s this shared bond that ignites conversations, sparks curiosity and inspires listeners to immerse themselves in the beauty of Portugal’s simple life".


Portugal The Simple Life Podcast serves as a bridge, bringing together individuals from all walks of life who appreciate Portugal’s authenticity. Through heartfelt discussions, personal stories and insightful interviews, listeners gain a deeper understanding of Portugal’s rich culture, picturesque landscapes and warm-hearted people.



"Portugal the simple life, why?"

At the end of each episode, Dylan always asks a simple yet profound question to each guest: "Portugal the simple life, why?" The reactions are priceless: Smiles light up their faces, and sometimes, there’s even a contented sigh before they answer.

Expressing their feelings about Portugal is not easy — it’s like trying to describe a deep love that defies words. How does one begin to explain a love for a country that is not always our birthplace? After all, many of the guests on the Podcast are not Portuguese, and some have lived in Portugal for only a few years or months. Many quickly add that they love their home country, "don’t get me wrong", but..."There is just something special about Portugal".


It’s that "something special" that brings together thousands of listeners from all over the world, every week, to tune in to another episode of Portugal The Simple Life Podcast.


Dylan’s personal experience

"Thanks to my experience with Portugal, both as a Certified Realtor and as a foreigner who chose this country as home, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges foreigners face when they move to Portugal. As a South African who moved to Portugal over a decade ago, I have walked in my client’s shoes and understand the cultural differences. Hosting the podcast has given me an even greater insight because now I have the great pleasure of listening to both sides. The voice of the Portuguese who were born and live here, some of whom have lived all around the world and eventually return to Portugal. And also the stories of foreigners, from all walks of life, who have fallen in love with our country or made a home in Portugal", explains Dylan.


"I get so many e-mails from people saying that the Podcast has not only helped and informed them, but has changed their lives, inspiring them to make the move towards a simple life in Portugal. It’s just amazing... It’s a real privilege to be a part of this." - Dylan


In this past season, Portugal The Simple Life Podcast started a new series of episodes specially dedicated to people who are looking for property in Portugal and want to know more about the process.

Portugal Property Talks - Portugal The Simple Life Podcast

In each 'Portugal Property Talks' episode, Dylan’s guests share insider tips for finding the right property, pitfalls to avoid and also straightforward answers to the most asked questions about buying real estate in Portugal.


"I know what foreign homebuyers in Portugal worry about, the doubts and daunting scenarios that sometimes play in their heads in the early stages of planning a move abroad or investment in a holiday home in Portugal. With the ‘Portugal Property Talks’ episodes, I get to share some of my experience and that of property specialists with decades of experience. Real people, who have done and seen it all, and are in a position to keep things real and simple". - Dylan


Follow Portugal The Simple Life Podcast

Portugal The Simple Life Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and all major podcast platforms:

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Portugal The Simple Life is a free platform where people who appreciate a simple life in Portugal can share their experiences, exchange tips and recommendations, and forge connections that transcend borders.

Beyond the Podcast, this online community also thrives on Portugal The Simple Life website, where you can download its free Magazine. 

Welcome to the Simple Life!




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