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A Hat-Trick of Excellence: PRESPROP receives PME Excelência award for the 3rd consecutive year

In the dynamic world of construction and real estate development, sustaining success and recognition over an extended period is a feat few can boast. PRESPROP, a leading construction company specializing in new-build homes along the Silver Coast of Portugal, has yet again distinguished itself by receiving the prestigious PME Excelência award for the third consecutive year.

The PME Excelência Award: A Benchmark of Success

The PME Excelência status, a hallmark of corporate integrity and performance, is awarded by IAPMEI (the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal, and is further strengthened through partnerships with several banking institutions and Mutual Guarantee Societies in Portugal.

The award spotlights companies that not only show outstanding economic and financial results but also embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience in their respective sectors.

Villas Rainha, in Pataias - One of the residential projects PRESPOP finished in 2023


PRESPROP's journey to this remarkable achievement began in 2001. Over the past two decades, this Leisure Launch Group company has evolved into a symbol of trust and quality in the construction of new-build homes

According to PRESPROP, this consistent recognition as a PME Excelência recipient could not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of their exceptional team and the enduring trust of hundreds of families and real estate investors from across the globe.

Today, PRESPROP is one of the most reputable construction companies on the Silver Coast, known for its high-quality construction standards and professional service.

As PRESPROP celebrates this milestone, they continue to look forward with optimism, dedicated to upholding high standards and furthering their mission of building dream homes in Portugal.

For more information about PRESPROP and their services, please visit


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