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“Investing in Portugal is simple when you collaborate with the right people”

Allenah Tereso - Luis Cardoso CEO - Davide Patricio LL Chairperson - Dylan Herholdt
Allenah Tereso, Luis Cardoso (CEO), Davide Patricio (Chairperson) and Dylan Herholdt

There has been a proliferation of companies claiming to offer a plethora of services aimed at assisting foreign homebuyers. However, few have “walked the walk” or “talked the talk”... In Portugal, buying a home is not just about the property! It’s about fulfilling people’s dreams, meeting their expectations and now more than ever, understanding their individual needs and desires.

The foundation of the Leisure Launch Group was based on personal experience. We have walked in our clients’ shoes, we understand their journey...

When Davide Patricio moved with his family from South Africa to Portugal, he experienced the same concerns and challenges foreigners investing in Portugal still face to this day. Although today’s Portugal is a very different country, the lessons learned from that personal experience have guided the group in its growth.

Today, Davide Patricio is Chairperson of the Silver Coast’s most successful real estate group ― Leisure Launch ― known for its professionalism, the quality of its services and for offering a complete solution for international homebuyers.

When a client walks into a Leisure Launch Group company they immediately feel the peace of mind of knowing that we will take care of everything for them. From A to Z, under the same roof and with the comfort of having an international team of property specialists with decades of experience”, explains Davide Patricio, adding that “investing in Portugal is simple when you collaborate with the right people!”.

Throughout the last two decades, Leisure Launch Group has grown simultaneously with the interest international markets have directed towards Portugal. This increase in demand has led several companies to pop up all over the country, but none offer the same full-service solution provided by Leisure Launch Group companies.

According to Davide Patricio, “the advantage of working with the same group of people is basically saving our clients time, money and unnecessary hassle. That is why we have invested strongly over the years to not only create companies that would fulfil specific needs that arise after buying a property, but also focus on innovative new technology and services that aim to make our clients’ lives easier”.

Apart from two leading real estate companies in Portugal (Portugal Realty and Immo Portugal), the Group also has companies that specialise in complementary services such as accounting (Portugal Accounting), property management and holiday home rentals (SCH Solutions), construction (Presprop), furniture and interior decor (Portugal Interiors), as well as real estate development (Silverproposal).

I have been in our clients’ shoes and know first-hand how daunting this journey can be, but I also know the excitement that comes with the dream. It’s an amazing privilege to be able to join these two things: Portugal’s best features with a simple approach to making this dream not only possible, but a real joy! ” - Davide Patricio.

Article originally published in Portugal The Simple Life Magazine, July 2022 Edition. Get you free copy here.


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