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Podcast 100 - Portugal The Simple Life... Why?

Atualizado: 18 de nov. de 2022

For the past two years, Portugal Realty has sponsored PORTUGAL - THE SIMPLE LIFE podcast and the journey has been a true honour!

A podcast about Portugal

With more than 5,000 minutes of interviews and guests from more than 20 nationalities, the host Dylan Herholdt and his guests have smiled, laughed, reminisced and celebrated this common love that unites people from all walks of life to Portugal.

A very special thank you to Dylan, who has always found time in his busy professional and personal life to make this podcast the enormous success it is! And also, to all the amazing guests who have shared their incredible experiences with Portugal.

It has truly been an amazing journey!

Here's to the future, and to the next 100 episodes!

You can subscribe to the podcast here:

You can also watch on YouTube.


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