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Discovering dream homes in Portugal with Portugal Realty's free webinars

Dreaming of owning a slice of Portuguese heaven? Whether you're looking for golden beaches, the authenticity of traditional villages, or the natural beauty of the Silver Coast, the journey to finding your dream home in Portugal starts by gathering more information. And Portugal Realty's free webinars are a great place to start!

As part of the Leisure Launch Group, Portugal Realty is at the forefront of making international homebuyers' property dreams a reality. In 2024, this team of certified realtors on Portugal's Silver Coast launched another new project to make it easier for families and real investors to make informed decisions when buying from abroad.

Portugal Realty webinars are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to buy property in Portugal.
Portugal Realty webinars are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to buy property in Portugal.

Why Portugal Realty's Webinars are a must-attend

Hosted by Dylan Herholdt, Sales Director at Portugal Realty and the face behind Portugal’s most popular English-speaking podcast "Portugal - The Simple Life”, each webinar counts on a guest panel of property specialists within Leisure Launch Group.

Delivered by seasoned professionals, these webinars draw on a wealth of knowledge across the Portuguese property market. From legalities to lucrative investment advice, the goal is to equip foreign homebuyers with the insights needed to safely invest in Portugal.

The webinars programmed for 2024 include a diverse range of topics that aim to help foreign homebuyers understand how the Portuguese Real Estate market works.

The first step towards buying property in Portugal

Tailored to meet a wide array of interests and needs, Portugal Realty webinars explore everything from tips for investing as a foreigner, information about prime locations to buy real estate, and understanding the nuances of the Portuguese legal and tax systems.

And because every homebuyer's concerns are unique, each webinar also includes live Q&A sessions at the end so that attendees can share their doubts and receive answers from the guest panel of property specialists.

According to Dylan, these webinars are a great way to start a property journey, helping prepare homebuyers for the next step, which is to speak directly to a sales consultant.

"At Portugal Realty, we provide the possibility for anyone to book a free call with our team of realtors. That's the best way to clarify doubts and learn more about our region of expertise. In our personalised 360.º Live Virtual Tours, we guide each client not only through our properties, but around the region, through cutting edge 3D images seamlessly interwoven with real video footage."

And the best part? Portugal Realty's international team has up-close experience of the challenges foreign homebuyers face.

Dylan Herholdt, Charlotte Ham and Bruno Valentim from Portugal Realty's sales team
Dylan Herholdt, Charlotte Ham and Bruno Valentim from Portugal Realty's sales team

"We understand what living in Portugal as a foreigner truly means, because we have walked in our clients shoes. From healthcare and education to local communities and lifestyle perks, we live here with our families and are happy to share that experience", says Dylan.

How to attend Portugal Realty webinars

Joining Portugal Realty webinars is straightforward and free of charge. All you need is to have access to an Internet connection and register online. A confirmation email will provide all the necessary details for participation.

And in case you are unable to attend the webinar at the scheduled time, you can request to receive a recording of the live session afterwards (exclusive for participants who registered for the webinar).

Visit Portugal's Website to see upcoming Webinar dates!

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